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Alan Abernathy ... Gregory Smith
Kristy Fimble ... Kirsten Dunst
Phil Fimble ... Phil Hartman
Larry Benson ... Jay Mohr
Irwin Wafair ... David Cross
Stuart Abernathy ... Kevin Dunn
Irene Abernathy ... Ann Magnuson
Gil Mars ... Dennis Leary

Chip Hazard ... Tommy Lee Jones
Butch Meathook ... Jim Brown
Nick Nitro ... Clint Walker
Kip Killigan ... Ernest Borgnine
Brick Bazooka ...
Link Static ...

Archer ... Frank Langella
Insaniac / Freakenstein ... Michael McKean
Punchit / Slamfist ... Christopher Guest
Scratchit ... Harry Shearer

"rawr! this movie a buncha toys COME TO LIFE! and they eat tuna!!! :O :O talk about starkist getting product placement! hehehe. anyway, i've never seen the movie. but i know what it's about! i'm OMNIPOTENT! i think. is it omniscient? aw, well. anyway, i'll put it in terms i can understand...

it's the story! of some living toy-ees! who like to blow up a whooooole lot of stuff! there was one of them! named nick nitro! who wore his hair in curls!

yeah!! wasn't that NEATO! i'm a turnip brain, so i'll let someone who knows what the movie is REALLY about tell ya!!"
-synopsis of "small soldiers" by rae anna

When a small town toy shop gets a shipment of new toys, the toys wreak havoc! The town is turned upside-down when the Commando Elite and the Gorgonites go to war. Chip Hazard and the Commando Elite set out against the Gorgonites the started a war bigger than an other toy war in the history of toy wars! The Gorgonites band together with the humans to try to stop the Commando Elite- Chip, Butch, Nick, Kip, Brick, and Link- team up with nail guns, net launchers, and fireworks, and the guns are set to excitement and action!
Small Soliders is a great moive for older kids and adults. Rated PG-13
By Ryan Dain

P.S.: rae anna is my sister