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Hey, mabye some of you remember the "Earthworm Jim" cartoon. I do! So I made Amram's Earthworm Jim Page! I used to watch it every Sunday, until the evil WB excutives cancled that groovy cartoon. Jim was gonna take care of them but the took his gun too! Well I have info and pictures on your favorite characters so click away!(this is my first web page without help so bear with me, ok!)

Earthworm Jim: He's groovy, strong and a worm! He is Earthworm Jim!

Peter Puppy: Peter is Jim's side kick and sometimes his foe.

Snott: Nothin' better than a booger for a side kick.

Psy-Crow: A ruthless bounty hunter sent to get Jim's Super Suit.

Professer Monkey-for-a-Head: a Professer with a monkey for a head? Sounds weird.

Evil the Cat: The cat from HECK!

Evil Jim: Every super hero needs an evil twin.

Queen Malformed-Festering-Bloated-Sweaty-Puss Filled-Slug-for-a-Butt: Wow! Thats a long name.

Princess What's-her-Name: The apple of Jim's eye, not the apple in his lunch.

Others!: Other stuff!!!

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